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  • Pink captures President Bush's callous disregard with heart-rending accuracy. This song makes me cry every time I hear it.
  • Jackson Brown's new song is fabulous! Lives in the Balance truly touches on the choices facing America today.
  • An Arlo Guthrie classic! You'd be amazed at how it fits our modern war ethics.
  • Bruce Hornsby's finest. We are treating the Katrina survivors the same way.
  • By Phil Ochs. Not what you'd think. He wrote it following the murder of three civil rights workers in the mid '60's. Still pertinent today, I fear.
  • This one's by Lindsay Buckingham. All hail the 4th estate!
  • Song by the late, great Harry Chapin. It references Vietman, but remains pithy.
  • By Bright Eyes. One of the best protest songs to come along in years.
  • From the musical, 1776.
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April 14, 2007



We are becoming a nation of label reading shoppers. I know, I do. If the product has high fructose corn syrup or any other strange concoction, I don't buy it. Now, I'll have to read the label on chocolate as well. sigh. I will drop the FDA a note.


Done! Thanks for the info, and the link.

And, while you're there, do comment on Docket #2005N-0272 Irradiation in the production, processing and handling of Food.

The FDA is being pressured by the Factory-Slave food producers of Chicken and Beef to be able to irradiate their fecal-stew meat in order to make it edible without having to clean it. No Irradiation without labeling, I say. Let the consumer decide if they want to eat that stuff.

robin andrea

As a dedicated consumer of chocolate (the real thing), I will definitely head over and submit my complaint to the FDA.

The Fat Lady Sings

Good heavens! Adulterated chocolate? Lemme at 'em! I want my chocolate 'as is' thank you very much – and that means the good old tried and true method of production. Don’t American manufacturers realize that if they substitute cheap ingredients – anyone who gives a damn about what they eat or cook with will start ordering from overseas? Expensive; but then good chocolate still is. Not that I can eat all that much these days - but if oils are added I might as well kiss even that goodbye. Bravo to Guittard and See's (See's confections are amongst the very best in the world!). I will certainly make my voice heard on this. Thanks for the heads up!

Diva Jood

Oh, my god, PLEASE don't ruin chocolate too. Thank you.


It's a shocker alright! There are just some things that must be untouched...and chocolate is that thing. I'm a See's fan myself...but I've been told by some that my English Toffee is better than theirs...and I choose to believe there!

The CultureGhost

Does the word "ersatz" ring any historical bells? We're moving into a permanent war footing so we must adulterate all our products so as to create the impression that the general public is sacrificing for the good of the "struggle."

Okay, that's bullshit.

This is just another attempt by the large corporations to cut costs (and quality) and diminish yet another product...

Chickorey in the coffee, anyone?


Sad but true...trimming the costs at the cost of quality and taste. Thing is they are they can still afford to buy the expensive stuff...what do they care about the little person that can't afford it. It won't force me to buy their lousy product just the same. I'll boycott their inferior products...the scum!

Lulu Maude

These assholes. Now they want to fuck with our chocolate.

I'm on the other side of the country from the See's of my youth, but I applaud their efforts at keeping integrity in the industry. I'll not only follow the link you posted, but I'll go online and order some See's as well.

How's that for commitment?!?

Diva Jood

Sumo, if your English Toffee is better than See's, and if you and Dusty come to San Pedro for the 1 PM Stand for Peace, can you bring some toffee?


I hate that because See's Candies produces my all time favorite - Victoria Toffee. I got hooked on it when I lived in San Diego and there was a See's across the street.

How sad they want to mess it up by putting in cheap stuff. And how sad I won't be buying it anymore for fear of what they might be adding!


Oops, that's what I get for skimming an article. I read it "battling with the government".

I'll go get my glasses now. :)


Sure Diva...and if we don't manage to make it I'd be glad to send you some in the mail if you would be so inclined. Do you like caramel too?

Buck...I don't think someone as big as See's and some of the other famous ones will do this. I think they still believe quality is a must no matter what.

I think that one of the reasons that some of my candy is so well regarded...I stick to the best ingredients no matter the cost and when I use chocolate I don't use chocolate chips. I make my own blend of about 4 chocolates of my choice for my english toffee and I've found other homemakers don't bother to go to the trouble that I do...people are always in a hurry...and you can't hurry good candy. I've had people ask me why I bother...or that they couldn't take the trouble to do it that way. Well...then they don't have good candy.


Good information. I think I'll send a note, too. Thanks for letting us know.

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