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  • Bruce Hornsby's finest. We are treating the Katrina survivors the same way.
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  • Song by the late, great Harry Chapin. It references Vietman, but remains pithy.
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December 13, 2007



Indeed. When something like that happens, it really makes you think. THat pepper spray is some mighty strong stuff. I don't think much of those evangelizers, dropping off their pamplets off, by opening your door!?!?! That's plain stupidity. Can't they just leave it on the outside doorknob?


I agree it was good that you had to wait 3 weeks, when you're that afraid for your safety adrenaline takes over, fast.

You'd have to be an idiot (imho) to just waltz into someone's house that you don't know, what were they thinking?


man oh man. First of all, that was such a well written, compelling piece, FLS. I was so caught up in the men in the story! I never had an experience like that, but it seems like something I might have seen in a movie. There are gun clubs here but I don't know people who go to them except for one gal pal who goes there to meet men in order to cheat on her husband.

Anyway, yes it's good that there is a 3 week wait for guns so that one's emotional state at the time of purchase has a chance to resolve itself should the buyer be a bit high strung at the time. If those folks came into my house and I had a gun and it was during the time of intense fear for my safety like you were going through, I'm afraid that indeed, those people were as good as shot.

This reminds me of when my apartment was burglarized and so much stuff was taken that I felt extremely violated and insecure. I wanted to get a gun so I could shoot someone who tried to come in the apartment. Before the burglary, there were some attempted break ins, BTW.

Anyway, the cops who came to inspect the scene of the crime had to listen to me go on about getting a gun and killing the bastards who stole my stuff (I was about 24 at the time.) they told me that under NY law, the perpetrator would have to be physically inside my apartment before I could shoot and would have to be armed... and they went through this whole litany of rules and regulations as to what constitutes self defense. Oy. SO then I thought that maybe I would just install razor blades on the window sills or something.

I don't know how to get a gun in NY in this day and age. I don't know where they sell them or anything. If I lived in an area with a low tax base on Long Island, I would probably know these things. You can own a gun in NY, but there's a whole lot of rigamarole and then there are so many laws about what constitutes self defense that it makes my head spin.

Oh well. enough of my rambling.

That was a great post, FLS. You have such a way with words.

The Fat Lady Sings

Thanks for the compliments. This was as much about memory as it was about guns. I have never believed in keeping a gun in the house - never; so I was surprised at my reaction to those threats. I have always believed in knowledge when it comes to self defense - so I learned how to shoot and how to fight - just in case it should ever be necessary; only I never wanted it to ever be necessary, if you know what I mean.

I am glad I had time to think. Where we live, it is not at all uncommon for someone to knock on the door and then walk right in. Our neighbors are evangelicals. They import church members all the damn time – our neighborhood is bristling with them. They all seem to feel an unlocked door is an invitation in and of itself. I can’t even imagine how I might have reacted if they made it all the way in. I would probably have hit them with the pepper spray first and asked questions later.

Alicia Morgan

I have a healthy respect for firearms ever since I worked for a man who caught bullets in his teeth. We spent a lot of time practicing - even me, who did not shoot in the act. We used a .22 Anschutz match rifle and I got used to firing one, although I am no crack shot by any means. When my husband and I got married, he always kept his 12-gauge shotgun (unloaded) in the closet and since he did not have any ammo around, I didn't think too much about it.

Not until he had a PTSD experience and became suicidal.

I was able to sneak the gun out of my house and over to my sister-in-law's to be locked up, where it is till this day, and I will not have it in my home again.

That three-week wait is a fabulous idea.

The Fat Lady Sings

I too have been prone to fits of depression - that, and suicide runs in my family – as does alcoholism. I therefore avoid situations that might lead to either of the above. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

Brandy Cheung

I don't like guns. Even for my own protection. I did manage to learn how to shoot. Previous hubby was in the military for a while. The on post rifle range was quite large.
While living in the US, I had bushwhackers. No warning of violence. At least here in Honkers, people will just leave you alone if they don't like you.
The most violence seen here is from over the border traffic. Many have army training. Honkies don't "Do Guns". They'll get you in your pocket!


thats nice for the people who live in a place where there is enough safety that they can close there eyes at nite and think well thats not going to happen to me . but beware my dear there is the enemy within . dont get caught without protection .........fatjax

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