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July 31, 2008



Damn! Mark is really gifted, and together these two tell a real story with FEELING when they dance!


Always thrilled when someone "gets" Mark like I do! He's bloody brilliant.

The Fat Lady Sings

He is indeed bloody brilliant! I'm sad to see him go. It was.....unexpected - especially considering last weeks performance. But then - he's a very different cup of tea, isn't he? I guess some people just don't like Devon Cream. :)


I loved reading your comments on Mark yesterday. I know nothing about dance except how it makes me feel - and watching Mark was a treat I eagerly looked forward to each week. I feel deflated now. SYTYCD must have an ending point, but I would have loved one more week of Mark. I am grateful for every time I was able to experience him, though. Your suggestion of having a real place to keep up with him is a good one. I know he will continue to spread love and joy to many and I, as one fan, will enjoy seeing what the future holds for him.

The Fat Lady Sings

Thank you, Sarah. I too would have loved one more week of Mark. You know - I've never voted on one of these shows before. I guess you could say Mark was my first. :)

As for a permanent Mark Kanemura website - perhaps his fans should start one on our own? (Something else I’ve never done or even considered). I've noticed he has quite a following over at TWOP and Idol Forums. Maybe we should all get together under one roof, as it were.

Just a thought.


I earn my living as a writer - both in a more *cough* technical field, as well as some creative writing and fiction. The difference between the two really comes down to adherance to rules. In technical writing, all sentences must have a noun and a verb. Punctuation must be appropriate and complete. Paragraphs must follow a certain order.

But when I write poetry - or fiction even - I can throw those rules out the window. If I want to make a point, I can leave a subject out of the sentence. Or the action. I can blend the words to create the feel that *I* want to convey. The rules are still there, but I can ignore them and focus on the intent of my words.

That's how I feel about Mark's solos. The rules - the technique - is there ... but he portrays an emotion, a *feel*, that reaches out to me. *shrug* And that's all I need.

Also...Mark definitely needs a website of his own. We've been talking about it over on IDF, and I'm pretty certain we can get it going. I'm definitely open to suggestions, and certainly in need of technical know-how! LOL

The Fat Lady Sings

That he does, Chable. We need to find someone (or a group of someone’s) with good design capabilities who's open to the idea. I would gladly share duties as site monitor – as well as contribute to content. And as mentioned over at IDF - we need to get Mark's permission to do all this. He can then advise on how he'd like it to look (have you seen the new pics over at TWOP? Mark has a very strong sense of design). I'd suggest more than just blogging and resume features. There should be an "Ask Mark" section; and I'd like young dancers and choreographers to be able to post vids of their work for Mark (and others) to comment on. He needs to offer up merchandise too (those FABULOUS shirts!).

Notice how I've entangled Mark in every aspect of the websites operations? By design, my dear - by design. I was telling my best friend the other day - if I was still running a theatre company (I'm writing full time now) I'd hire him in a nonce. His esthetic and mine dovetail nicely (my friend [bless her!] noticed that right off!). Plus – I’d pay good money just to stare at that man! He’s gonna hafta get used to the heart throb stuff. I’ll bet it will feel peculiar to someone who always considered himself the odd duck. That’s why so many are attracted to him. There’s hardly a human being alive who at one time or another didn’t feel they were outside the norm. Mark wears his emotional self on the outside of his skin. He’s easy to read. He also comes across a somewhat of a cipher. We all feel free to write our own story on the canvas he provides – rather like Garbo in the final scene of the film ‘Christina’. There she is, staring off into nothingness, thinking……something. And that’s the genius. We all think we know – so we all can relate. Magical – and Mark has it in spades!


I came by your site thru Momo. Thank you for all your insight- you say it some much better than I could. I love watching Mark dance, he stirs my soul.

808 love

I absolutely LOVED reading this... I'm so glad that there are real dancers and performers out there who appreciate Mark as much as I do. I was starting to wonder if my love for Mark was a result of not being a dancer--I never saw any of the problems that the judges always nitpicked about. And I totally get that frisson down my spine when I watch him dance. I never voted for any reality show contest until I saw Mark.


I know it's not much, but I've started a Mark Live Journal community. It's fairly active, but it would be lovely to have more people sharing their thoughts on this brilliant dancer.

I too, don't really know much about dance, except that I know when something or someone moves me. When someone can grab my attention with the mere flick of a wrist or raise of an eyebrow - that's a star. And Mark is a star in absolutely every sense of the word.


Sorry your two favorite dancers got voted off last week!

I like Twitch, a lot, but has everyone else noted that the top four left are sort of like every dance movie made in the past twenty years? Classically trained suburban white girls with preternaturally talented urban black male street dancers. And together, they make magic, bringing together the best of both worlds! Nothing against either group, but I would like to see another narrative.

Sue B

I came here via Momo...I totally miss BSYTYCD, but we move on...


Yep. I miss Mark. I am bitter beyond belief. No one displayed the individuality and quirkiness that he did. My favorite routines of the season were Bleeding Heart and the Honeymoon dance (scary), along with last week's Sonya routine with Mark and Courtney last week. I will watch tonight, and vote for both Josh and Courtney (what is Twitch still DOING on there? over Will and Mark? Seriously?!), and hope this kind of thing doesn't happen next year. I hope he comes back to do choreo next season, maybe with Sonya, his choreographer of choice. One can dream. :)

Thanks for the blog!!!!!!!!!

The Digerati Life

I adore Mark Kanemura. He's my favorite ever dancer from SYTYCD, and I've been a religious viewer of all its seasons.

I love his image, and how he looks like a personified Japanese anime character :) . Just love his entire style, look, the lean muscular body, the HAIR, the glint in his eye and the grins -- sometimes sinister, sometimes playful.

I love this man and in love with his dancing. I even dreamt about him last night, I guess after watching a whole lot of SYTYCD shows on record. :D

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