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  • Pink captures President Bush's callous disregard with heart-rending accuracy. This song makes me cry every time I hear it.
  • Jackson Brown's new song is fabulous! Lives in the Balance truly touches on the choices facing America today.
  • An Arlo Guthrie classic! You'd be amazed at how it fits our modern war ethics.
  • Bruce Hornsby's finest. We are treating the Katrina survivors the same way.
  • By Phil Ochs. Not what you'd think. He wrote it following the murder of three civil rights workers in the mid '60's. Still pertinent today, I fear.
  • This one's by Lindsay Buckingham. All hail the 4th estate!
  • Song by the late, great Harry Chapin. It references Vietman, but remains pithy.
  • By Bright Eyes. One of the best protest songs to come along in years.
  • From the musical, 1776.
    Check it out - the reference may be Revolutionary War era, but the sentiment rocks!

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November 11, 2008



All I can say is..."WHEW!"

The Fat Lady Sings

Tickled my funny bone too. You know - the minute I saw Palin give her first "Obama's a Socialist" speech, I flashed on Evita Perón. Can't you just see her delivering 'Don't Cry for me Argentina'?

Christy Gunter



Oh my word that's hilarious! And you're right, that woman can SING!

How are you doing honey?


Don't cry for me Sarah Palin,
The truth is, I always loathed you.
You are a whack job,
A really mean girl,
A tiara monster----
And we don't like you,
Sarah Palin.

The Fat Lady Sings

It is funny - isn't it? Were I still in the business of directing and producing plays, I’d contact her in a red hot minute about a Palin spoof of Evita (the subject matter lends itself so beautifully!). And her lyrics! They are to die for! Not to mention the delivery (when has a lisp ever been funnier?). She says ‘dipstick’ and I’m on the floor.

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