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  • Pink captures President Bush's callous disregard with heart-rending accuracy. This song makes me cry every time I hear it.
  • Jackson Brown's new song is fabulous! Lives in the Balance truly touches on the choices facing America today.
  • An Arlo Guthrie classic! You'd be amazed at how it fits our modern war ethics.
  • Bruce Hornsby's finest. We are treating the Katrina survivors the same way.
  • By Phil Ochs. Not what you'd think. He wrote it following the murder of three civil rights workers in the mid '60's. Still pertinent today, I fear.
  • This one's by Lindsay Buckingham. All hail the 4th estate!
  • Song by the late, great Harry Chapin. It references Vietman, but remains pithy.
  • By Bright Eyes. One of the best protest songs to come along in years.
  • From the musical, 1776.
    Check it out - the reference may be Revolutionary War era, but the sentiment rocks!

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February 06, 2009



I hate the laughtrack to this video. The dog appears to have a neurological disorder, and people are laughing hysterically. Painful to see the dog and more painful to listen to people laughing at illness.

The Fat Lady Sings

No, I don't think so, Kabbage. The owners were on America's Funniest Videos with the dog (they won for strangest video or some such). He seemed well cared for. Evidently he thinks his foot is another dog coming in to steal his treat. Our dogs do versions of this with each other (though not nearly as snarly). My one dog Ginger sometime’s thinks her tail is out to get her (she’ll chase it in circles till she’s dizzy – we have to stop and distract her by getting her to go chase the flashlight light on the floor). Were I the owners - I'd bring the animal in to the vet for a full check-up, though. The dogs obviously older - there may be senility involved. It’s definitely odd behavior.


"The dogs obviously older - there may be senility involved. It’s definitely odd behavior." That explains it! I try to bite my foot when it sneaks up on my cocktail, but I'm too large to reach it! :)

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