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  • Pink captures President Bush's callous disregard with heart-rending accuracy. This song makes me cry every time I hear it.
  • Jackson Brown's new song is fabulous! Lives in the Balance truly touches on the choices facing America today.
  • An Arlo Guthrie classic! You'd be amazed at how it fits our modern war ethics.
  • Bruce Hornsby's finest. We are treating the Katrina survivors the same way.
  • By Phil Ochs. Not what you'd think. He wrote it following the murder of three civil rights workers in the mid '60's. Still pertinent today, I fear.
  • This one's by Lindsay Buckingham. All hail the 4th estate!
  • Song by the late, great Harry Chapin. It references Vietman, but remains pithy.
  • By Bright Eyes. One of the best protest songs to come along in years.
  • From the musical, 1776.
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July 08, 2009



Years ago, I read the series of articles Maureen Orth published in Vanity Fair about Michael Jackson and his trials. They are all posted on the web site if you want to read them. I also saw the documentary that came out during one of the trials. I am convinced that he was a predator who exploited children and their families. I also recognize that he came from a life of abuse and was himself exploited by almost all of the people around him, beginning with many members of his family. But for some things there are no excuses. He was warned, charged, tried, and although acquitted, nobody can say that he was not confronted by the consequences of his behavior. He chose to continue, and he got away with it. He was an addict and I believe he was utterly dishonest about his behavior. The whole apotheosis of MJ is revolting, but if you way it publicly, a million people will curse you and literally call for your death. It's insane.

The Fat Lady Sings

We're talking about evil here. Now, I know a lot about evil. I should. I grew up with it. In point of fact - I'd say I know more about evil than most people on this planet. That doesn’t mean I understand it. I don’t – despite spending the entirety of my career exploring its taste and smell. Every role I took – every play I’d direct: ‘Extremities’, ‘Boesman and Lena’, ‘Fat Men in Skirts’ – exploring, unraveling, dissecting – all in an attempt to discover the ‘why’ of it all: hatred, violence, bigotry. Now I write – but the voyage of discovery remains the same. I’m still excavating humanity – rooting around for the truth. Know what? I never did come up with an answer. Perhaps there isn’t one. Perhaps evil exists all on its own – no mitigating factors. You’re either born with a soul or you’re not. Some people barter theirs – I will grant you that. I think Jackson bartered his. He traded it in for the ultimate in control over his environment – sacrificing all of himself to achieve it. All in all I’d say he got a bum deal.

Sister Faith

Thank you Fat Lady. You are much more articulate than most of us!

You have expressed my feelings and doubts....


Maybe the question "If the accusations weren’t true – why pay twenty-odd million to make them go away?" can be answered by the reasons you give yourself...
"I have never in my entire life ever intentionally hurt a single living creature. I couldn’t even force myself to – the empath in me begins screaming at the first sign of pain. Hell - I can’t even retaliate in kind when someone does or says something directly to my face. Creating pain is as alien to me as breathing water.
Hurt myself? Now that’s different. Oh yeah – I’ve hurt myself more times than I could count (there’s that inability to retaliate rearing its pacifist head)."
...Maybe it was the same for him. I know I have lived like this and you write so eloquently of doing, why not allow the possibility that he did too? Its a comfort in a way for the good. Its a possibility of good against all that possibility of bad. Thank You for sharing your good writing and yourself.

The Educated One

If anyone here had done any research it would be obvious that both accusations seemed a little suspicious. It wasn't Michael Jackson who had paid off the child, it was his insurance company. He was against it in the first place. Once the insurance company settled the civil suit, the boy refused to testify against him and then tried divorced his parents afterwards. His father tried suing Michael again for $60 million dollars afterwards. For the second accuser, they only came out after the documentary had aired and at the time, they had wanted way more from Michael, financially, than he was willing to give. The kid had also admitted that nothing had been going on btwn him and Michael when he was interviewed by child services. Plus, what parent would go to the lawyer that the Chandler's used back 1993 FIRST, before going to the police to report it? It doesn't make any sense. They never report these things in MSM b/c the truth doesn't sell. Lies and sensationalism do though. Anyone still submitting to ignorance in the internet age though, needs to be ashamed of themselves.

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